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InGroom’s Roast Bachelor Party

April 19, 2010

I instantly fell in love with InGroom’s Roast Bachelor Party idea.  Since Isaiah and I moved across the country, we’re really looking forward to having our wedding be one big party/reunion/celebration…and most of all…we want to feel close to people that we have been separated from for two years.  Isaiah has a great group of guy friends, with a unique and comfortable dynamic.  The Roast Bachelor Party might just be perfect.

Photo & Quote Via InGroom:

“This roast is the kind of trash-talking, all-in-fun ripping to shreds that those sensitive types would imagine to be their worst nightmare. For a bunch of dudes, the idea of a roast is epic. We can just picture it now: a whole mess of awesome food, every kind of alcohol ever desired, and only the best of friends taking turns absolutely annihilating the groom.”

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