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Willow Harbor Vineyards

April 19, 2010

Found a gem, Willow Harbor Vineyards is a fresh outdoor venue, surrounded by beautiful scenery and an overwhelming number of grapes. I love the look of this outdoor tent set-up. We’re still deciding what we want our wedding to look and feel like, as you can see, we have a number of decisions to make about the wedding we want.

Obviously, we’re swooning over paper lanterns…but we’re looking into some other ideas for lighting as well. One note about this gem is it in: Michigan!*

Even if it doesn’t wind up being our venue, for the couple willing to caravan an hour and a half (not that far), it’s a real star for three reasons: Beautiful scenery, affordable within the $10,000 range, and they let you bring in your own alcohol!

*The rest of the venues we’ve listed have been in Chicago or the suburbs.

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