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Average Wedding Costs

In my quest for understanding how we would accomplish a wedding in under $10,000 (we’re actually aiming for around $5,000), I came across the average cost of weddings in Aurora and Batavia, IL.

Neither price includes the cost of honeymoon or engagement ring.

Batavia: (Kane County, IL 60542) between $29,067 and $48,445.

Aurora: (IL 60506) between $19,276 and $32,127.

Dear God.

In comparison, I understand $10,000 is a modest budget. However, can you imagine spending a dollar more for one day? It’s one day!

The important part, I’ve found so far, is not to define yourself by your wedding day. After you’ve come to terms that it won’t be your storybook wedding, it’s gonna be kickass. You just have to decide what parts of the day will make it rad for you and your honey. Nothing else matters…Not the “usual” formal etiquette or guest list size, not the usual anything. It’s your day, cater it to a price and style you feel comfortable with.

To find the average cost of weddings near you, enter your zip code at Cost of Wedding.

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