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ChristmaHanaKwanzika: The Series

November 29, 2010

Winter Photography Christmas We Heart It

I had the most wonderful holiday. I wasn’t necessarily expecting it to go as smoothly as it did, but shame on me for underestimating the holidays. Lately, things haven’t been as we want them necessarily. We are extremely thankful for being simultaneously unemployed for the time being, although the whole “enjoying this phase” thing is getting drowned out by our desire to be able to pay our bills and the amount of work (8 hours/day = full time job) that we are putting into finding new jobs.

However, for the time being, we are loving every minute of getting to spend this much time together. It doesn’t happen very often in life.

That being said, we wanted to introduce a new series for the month of December. What started as an “I want to share a few lines about everyone for Christmas (mini-gifto)” kind of thing, turned into an awesome guest post series on the holidays and what they mean, what they look like, how they feel to some folks in this community.

With only an hour of waiting, I’m getting Angie’s post together and recovering from Thanksgiving/catching up on blogs and homework, in that order. I hope you enjoy it.

Image via


November 27, 2010

I enjoyed the disconnect this weekend. I had an excellent time with my family. Picked up a couple of great deals from Black Friday sales, something I never participate in. New jeans…much needed. Not that you care.

I’m looking forward to diving into your blogs tomorrow and catching up!

In case you were wondering, the Thanksgiving Sandwich:

Get some great bread. That’s the key. Some seedy, Italian or wheaty bread is the best. Put your favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinner on the bread (I recommend stuffing, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, turkey and a tiny bit of mayo and/or gravy). Eat. It’s freaking delicious. I actually like it better than Thanksgiving dinner.

Hope you had a lovely holiday. We’re looking forward to getting back in the swing of things at home…see our super cute little kitties and spend some time together tomorrow night before school really starts moving at a serious speed.

Template Thursdays: Desktop Wallpapers

November 25, 2010

We’re in Georgia for the holiday. Between my graduation photos and the craziness of the holidays, we didn’t have time this week to make a download. We did want to share some great Thanksgiving and fall desktop wallpapers from around the web.

I found this Give Thanks wallpaper on Crucial Design Blog and thought it was pretty great.

As soon as I saw this bad boy, I made it my desktop image. It’s adorable, yeah? Found it on Deviant Art.

Adorable Desktop Thanksgiving Wallpaper

Thank you graphic wallpaper would look pretty badass on a Mac, from Smashing Magazine.

Thank You Graphic Desktop Wallpaper

“Enthusiasm” desktop wallpaper from Deviant Art.

Thanksgiving desktop wallpaper "Enthusiasm"

“Goodbye Fall” is semi depressing, but really pretty. I love winter best, so this is a pretty beautiful sight in my eyes. How about yours? From Deviant Art.

For my vegetarian homies, also from Deviant Art.

Enjoy, sorry for the lack of a download today, but we’ll get right back to that on Thursday. Enjoy your Thanksgivings!

Geek Out: Thanksgiving Shtuff

November 24, 2010

I generally dislike Thanksgiving on a very primal level. As in, every single thing inside of me hates Thanksgiving. I love giving thanks. I love the food. I hate the cannibalism that sometimes affects my family (and many, many others) that includes symptoms such as: Bragging about the year’s accomplishments in such a way that put others down, laughing at the weakest link of the year’s expense…I know, it sounds like a lovely holiday, doesn’t it?

I do love certain parts about Thanksgiving. Spending the entire day with my mom, which doesn’t happen often enough. Learning a few recipes a little better than last year. Spending the week preparing with my mah, cooking desserts, pie crust from scratch…and what not.

But because most people don’t hate Thanksgiving, I’ll share a few Thanksgiving inspired posts that inspired me recently.

Liz’s “Thankful” post. Read it.

Thanksgiving giveaway and brilliant post on A Los Angeles Love.

Some Free Downloads

From us

Thanksgiving dinner place cards featured on Sweet Little Thrills.

Jackie’s oh-so-sweet trade-off of fall mailing labels for the season!

Recipe cards for your bad-ass Thanksgiving recipes. We’ll have a kick-ass recipe for you soon…related to your after-Thanksgiving-ness.

The kick-ass blogger button we made only because we’re extremely thankful for all of you.

From elsewhere

Thanksgiving downloads from The Sweetest Occasion that are way too cute!

More coming tomorrow! Can’t wait to hear about everyone’s Thanksgivings! We’re in Georgia with my lovely family.

Graduation Photos

November 23, 2010

I’m spending tonight getting my graduation photos done! They should be back after Thanksgiving break, so I’ll share them when I get back.

Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons. I actually despise summer. I never like summer. I never have liked summer. I likely never will like summer. One of the weird things about living in Texas is that, unlike Chicago’s 8 months of fall-ish winter, Texas has 8 months of summer-ish weather.

I’m not getting “graduation portraits” necessarily. Just photos..because I’m graduating. I have never had photos taken of myself, by myself, ever. It’s gonna be weird…

Anyways, I have been gathering inspiration all week. These are my three favorites.

All photos via

Completely tri-polar opposites, I’m aware.

Our lovely photographer, Kristiane, is taking them, and I’m really excited about this. Wish me luck!

The New Blog: Introduction

November 21, 2010

We love this Blog. It was our first Blog. It was one of the first artistic endeavors that we’ve done together (except music, which we’ll talk about sometime soon). The problem? We started this Blog as a completely personal endeavor for ourselves to keep things organized and it quickly turned into something our families wanted to follow to see where we were in our wedding journey.

The first wedding Blog I found was 2000 Dollar Wedding. I left the most embarrassing comment my first day out and about in the world. I blatantly cut and pasted my URL and asked her to “Come check out my Blog!” Yikes. I hardly recovered from that embarrassment when I met Angie, who opened the doors to a completely different world of blogging.

I love 2000 Dollar Wedding. I really do. However, I’m more swank-oriented, an indie-rocker chick, I don’t do well outdoors…although I would like to. My family has a joke that “camping” to my mom and I is staying in a hotel without a pool. Although my trip this past summer did make me more comfortable being a person who doesn’t rely on air-conditioning, cars, refills, etc…I still have certain pictures in my mind of how I want our wedding to look. Nevermind that Isaiah does not like hippie culture. This is all just a huge tangent to tell you that while we LOVE and respect what 2000 Dollar Wedding has to offer, we had different pictures in our minds.

Which brings us to this “community” we’ve stumbled into and love. I don’t know how clear I make this, but Isaiah is completely involved in every post. Whether it’s just being a sounding board for me to rattle off the latest post against, being a completely equal contributing writer or coming up with ideas to share on the Blog, he is involved every day.

That being said, I don’t like this Blog anymore.

I don’t like the theme we’re using on WordPress. I LOVE WordPress. I don’t like the “look” we fostered way too early on and that doesn’t suit us whatsoever. I don’t like the after our URL. I don’t like the title.

We decided a long time ago that we wanted a Blog that Isaiah and I could both feel a part of.

We settled on an idea, and I hope, I really hope you’re along for the ride. I love this community, and I’m a person who says “I love you” when I feel it, and I love all of you.

Our new Blog has a slightly different direction, but that’s okay. It’s still just us behind it. We love design, we love weddings, we love typography, we love music, we love art. As I said, we love weddings. But we don’t want to only Blog about weddings.

We want a Blog we can grow into after the wedding and one that we don’t feel guilty if we post something non-wedding-related. So the new Blog serves two purposes. It serves to offer us a broader space that we can post within. The majority of which will still be weddings and real-fucking-talk. But some of it will be design, art, inspiration we find around the web that we have you in mind for when we share it.

The second is that we are not necessarily planning a $10,000 wedding anymore. We’ve stumbled on so many places that could mean a $5k wedding or a $7k wedding. Basically, we feel boxed in.

This may be far too many details for you. Maybe you’re like, “WTF, you’re getting a new Blog, move on, jeez.” But if you’re not, we’re excited to do this.

We came up with the name “Love Your Way.” Partly because of the Peter Frampton song (one of our favorite scenes in High Fidelity)…and because of the whole, “Love, Your Way” idea. We hope you enjoy the new look…the new content…and the new vibe-age.

When it’s all set, we’ll give you a link for a while, and then permanently redirect this site to the new domain, so we hope we don’t lose you.

Also, what do you think about the new header? Be brutally honest.

*Disclaimer, I realize this is semi-coinciding with the long-awaited-for-some release of The Knotty Bride Blog, but we tried to get it done as quickly as possible. Also, the launch of our new blog may be a bit anti-climactic after Alison launches the badassery of her new site.


November 20, 2010

Image via

I hope all of us here hate divorce. So I’m not going to say something blatantly obvious like, “I hate divorce.”

We’re all on the same page, right?

Moving on. I never like seeing people around me getting divorced for any reason. However, by the time it gets to that point, it’s often “time,” in an unfortunately real way. By the time you’re in that position, there’s very little anyone can do to “save” the marriage, because they haven’t put time and care and attention into it for a long time.

I’m a firm believer that when two people get divorced, it’s most likely because one or both people failed to put the marriage first. Boil down the most complicated divorces, and that’s often at the root of it all.

Many of the divorces that have happened around me have very complex issues (addiction, for one). About a year ago, Isaiah’s parents decided to get divorced. It was the strangest thing. After being together 27 years, they couldn’t stand to be around each other any more. It blew my mind. A divorce that didn’t involve addiction or abuse was something I had never experienced. To me, they were getting divorced for “no reason.”

Isaiah’s mom explained something to me that I had never seen…but lately, have seen more and more. It’s the idea that people have the capability to turn each other into monsters. In Isaiah’s parents’ case, one of them has a tendency to be pushier and the other has a tendency to be lazier. The lazier one is, the pushier the other gets. The cycle continues until you hear yourself say something out loud that makes you sick.

People can become entirely different people in the wrong marriage.

Someone who loves to have fun and be laid-back that has to push and push another person to get something done ends up giving away tiny pieces of themselves and is forced into a position they don’t want to be in.

Anyways, this is all just background to tell you this.

Isaiah and I decide on a daily basis to talk, to improve and to be conscious of our relationship. This isn’t as dull or draining as it sounds. Sometimes it’s less deliberate than others and comes up if one of us is feeling pressured to change in a negative way. Others it’s in conversations about the future and who we want to be. The point of it all, if I haven’t lost you already, is to keep in mind the dangers of being complacent in a relationship.

Even just knowing that those things are out there is enough, sometimes, to keep you from falling into common potholes. Although there’s no guaranteed way to “beat” divorce, in my opinion, all you can do is be sure to know the person you’re marrying as well as we can, be deliberate in our relationships so their pitfalls don’t sneak up below us and be thoughtful of the other person’s needs and goals.

The waters are rough out there…but we can do plenty of things to be prepared to face them.

Forage Bow Ties

November 20, 2010

I’ve never been a huge fan of bow ties, mainly because Isaiah hates them. What’s the point of loving some kind of men’s apparel if he literally can’t look at them?

But for those of you that love bow ties and maybe are wondering where those too-cute bow ties come from in the big-girl Blogs, check out Forage.

I’m not sure what’s expensive or cheap for bow ties, but these are around $65.00, so if that’s affordable, check them out. I went through the shop and geeked for just a little while about them. You can check out their blog Something’s Hiding in Here as well, it’s a fun read.

Creepy Cute Continues

November 19, 2010

We had our fun with creepy-cuteness this week. I could hardly believe that the paper only had one or two photos of the artist’s work, when it was, by far, the biggest buzz on the campus since George W. came to speak this week (protests galore at a liberal arts school that paid hundreds of thousands to hear the former President speak (yikes))…Everyone has continued to gather around the statues, it’s cracking people up. I see couples grab for each other’s hands when they walk past them…it’s the strangest phenomenon.

The artist had to customize each piece to fit the statue…she even made little scarves for the birds, snakes and turtles around. I thought they deserved a bit more photo-recognition. What do you think?

By far my favorite, the squirrels. I freaked out, hit my head on a branch and just about lost it laughing when I saw them.

I hope squirrels in winter hats brighten your day…because if they do, you’ve got two doses of it. Don’t forget to check out today’s Mixtape Masters either, as cute as these little dudes are…it’s a favorite of ours.

Mixtape Masters: Trip-Hop Nation

November 19, 2010

Isaiah’s home genre is the rock, post-industrial rock, space rock, awesome-rock-ness genre. Mine is trip-hop. We share a love for trip-hop for sure and Isaiah definitely introduces me to a wealth of trip-hop…but the Sneaker Pimps have been my jam since the first day I heard Becoming X and one of the only things that keeps my heart pumping musically is to find some new soul/trip-hop. We definitely pushed through this playlist together (as per usual), and we narrowed it down to five with serious thought and consideration. If you normally just check out the song titles and don’t listen to the music, just give us today. We’re both completely invested in these five songs, and we’re probably going to bust out a second trip-hop mix soon.


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