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Forage Bow Ties

November 20, 2010

I’ve never been a huge fan of bow ties, mainly because Isaiah hates them. What’s the point of loving some kind of men’s apparel if he literally can’t look at them?

But for those of you that love bow ties and maybe are wondering where those too-cute bow ties come from in the big-girl Blogs, check out Forage.

I’m not sure what’s expensive or cheap for bow ties, but these are around $65.00, so if that’s affordable, check them out. I went through the shop and geeked for just a little while about them. You can check out their blog Something’s Hiding in Here as well, it’s a fun read.

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  1. Mary permalink
    November 20, 2010 9:50 am

    Eep, I love that tie. Lucky for me Mark loves bow ties, although I can count on one hand the number of times he’s worn one. He’ll be happily wearing one for the wedding. The suspenders take a little more convincing though. 😉

    • November 20, 2010 10:17 am

      It isn’t that I completely hate bow ties because I think they can be fly on the right gent.. Me personally…I’m most fond of the classic black

  2. Ivory Pearl Bridal Mall permalink
    November 20, 2010 7:45 pm

    I never was a big fan of bow ties, but there is something quite indearing about these bow ties….really kind a cute!

    • November 23, 2010 9:49 am

      I thought so too…I’m not sure how much i would like them on someone…but they’re REALLY cute by themselves!

  3. November 21, 2010 5:35 pm

    I love these. So cute and different.

  4. November 22, 2010 7:54 am

    I love these. Don’t think i could convince Ry to wear them though (maybe I can put them on the boy cats???)

  5. November 23, 2010 9:48 am

    haha boy cat bowties! what?! that sounds…amazing.

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