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Freakout: The Unveiling

November 7, 2010

And so, after many (literally) months of studying what we love about WordPress blog designs and how to do them in a kick-ass way, we created, what is to us, a blog design that perfectly exemplifies Isaiah’s style and personality. Using the epitome of customizable WordPress themes, Thesis, we did it. One more emphasizing point and then I’m through. After 13 hours of starting at this (expletive) computer, c’est fini.

Do we hope joining the online discussion will get him a job? Hell yes. But mainly, he wants to network and share inspiration with other designers and folks who dig art. If you’d like, give him a big, warm welcome with me.

We’re in the process of redesigning this blog as well. Can’t wait to share.

Today, I’ll be at the Practical Wedding Dallas meetup with some rad ladies, and if you’re doing the same, tell me all about it.

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