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Now I’m Lost

July 27, 2010

This is Isaiah once again.  My gifted bride to be Lizzie will return in just 9 short days and I have come upon  the sudden loss of my very favorite J-O-B.  My employer found someone with my skills plus sign shop management and production and felt it better to let me go.  So I’ve been laying low, considering my options and neglecting this page.  These situations can undoubtedly put anyone in a rut.  I hope to have better news soon. Take care.

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  1. July 27, 2010 6:06 pm

    oh nuts, really? there’s always work in baltimore for you! we’d love to have some awesome neighbors! good luck, isaiah, something will turn up soon.

  2. July 27, 2010 9:11 pm

    Consider and neglect, my friend. Know we are all here for you when you can return, and we are all thinking of the both of you in the meantime. Fingers crossed.

  3. July 27, 2010 9:22 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear that Isaiah. From everything I’ve read about you, you sound like a gifted guy. I’m sure you will land on your feet. I’ll be sending positive vibes your way.

  4. July 27, 2010 10:30 pm

    Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that, Isaiah.

    • July 28, 2010 12:13 pm

      This sort of thing happens, its life. There are always lessons to learn here.

  5. July 28, 2010 7:13 am

    so sorry to hear this. hope things get better soon! i wish i had some connections there for you. i have a cousin in austin but have no idea if that near you two!

    keeping my fingers corssed you find something good!

  6. July 28, 2010 7:14 am

    Oh no, I’m so sorry! I know you’ll come out on top of this and be better off in the end – Sending tons and tons of positive thoughts your way

  7. July 28, 2010 11:06 pm

    Wishing you all the best as you figure out your next move. I know how scary unemployment can be, especially these days. I hope you find something again soon, and I’m sorry you have to go through this with Lizzie out of the country.

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