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May 20, 2010

So there are only a certain amount of elements when it comes to a wedding, and when you are planning on a budget, you have to prioritize. You can’t splurge on everything. By narrowing down our priorities to make the most important things as kickass as possible, the whole wedding will be rad to us. Here’s the list in terms of what we’re willing to spend.

{Venue/Food/Libations} (For us, food and venue tie together very closely, they’re both restaurants with minimums rather than rental fees)

  • Food: (From Isaiah) It comes down to food..To me, feasting is festive and I’d like to have an amazing meal to cap off this awesome day.  I feel that more often than not you eat a forgettable meal at these (usually stuffy) things.   On a slightly different note I’ve also heard stories about the bride and groom not having a chance to eat… the fat kid in me roars HELL NAW, YOU GIVE ME MY FOOD AHHH!
  • Libations: One thing I did want to have at my wedding that is seeming more and more difficult to do is have a personal favorite beer available.  That was one of the largest reasons I’d ever entertained the idea of having it at one of my favorite spots to eat and catch an amazing micro brew: The (formally Walter Payton’s) Roundhouse… to bad they’re expensive and ugly, well at least the banquet rooms are… the court yard is sick.  Beer certainly isn’t the most important thing about planning the mother of all days, so that has dropped down the important ranks (DEMOTED).  Opera is a tad bit the hotness for SHUTTIN’ IT DOWN for a lil ol’ us though… if only we could afford for Carnivale to do that too.  They both seem to have kinda the same vibe decoratively speaking… which again brings us to food. What to do, what to do.
  • Venue: We both have dynamic personalities that mesh into a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle together. How could we not celebrate our differences and similarities in a venue that makes us feel like rockstars and knocks the socks off of the crappy weddings we have been to in the past.


At the end of the day, this is all you really have to show for it. We are a couple of art-kids, I love photography and design, pretty things in general, Isaiah is a painter/artist/graphic designer/creator of all things beautiful. We would be really happy about the great night if we skimped, but really sad for the long-term that we didn’t have photos that revealed a bit of us (not nudie photos), you know what I mean.

{Number of Guests}

We want a flippin dance party.


We have both been in bands, playing music our whole lives, immersed in it…we would be lying if we didn’t say that music is just a bit more important to us than the number of guests, but it seems rude to put an iPod in front of your loved ones. So for politically correctness’ sake…We are actively putting together the playlist a year and a half in advance. Nuff said.


Obviously we want to look like rock stars on our day. Isaiah has wanted a custom-made suit since he was a lad – he’s not Irish, I meant niño. He just wants a fly suit and my dress will likely be the least expensive part of the wedding. Short, spunky dresses go for $150-$300 nowadays with beading and crap. (I know, I’m oh-so-ladylike)


Not so much important because the two places we’re looking at are literally full of decorations. We could not add a thing and they would be just the slightest bit off. We’re thinking simple branch centerpieces and a few little fun touches here and there.


Invitations, save-the-dates, guest books, thank you’s, any other ridiculously wicked ideas that we find on the overwhelming amount of wedding blogs that are feeding our creativity and sucking down our budget each day. Either way though, Isaiah is a graphic designer working in a print shop and mi madre has access to a giant industrial sized printer as well. Pretty sure we’re covered cost-wise. Stamps…


Getaway car, honeymoon (which we’ll talk about later), spa and grooming treatments.

Thanks for listening to our ramblings-on. What do you think? What’s the most important thing to you about your wedding (now or in the future).

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  1. May 21, 2010 7:27 am

    Such a nice, neat little list. Had to laugh when Isaiah said “the fat kid in me roars” because that’s the only reason I wanted to have barbecue. The fat kid in me wanted sloppy hands covered in tangy sauce and a belly full of farm animals. (Oh-so-ladylike)

    It sounds like you two have a specific wedding vision- and I think that’s pretty damn awesome. You know you won’t budge on things like music and outfits, but you are willing to consider other options when it comes to the venue. It’s a nice balance and a good place to be.

    Our priorities are pretty much the same- a dance party up in this mug, grubs, beer (how we wish we could go for the microbrew, but that costs too much), and outfits. We’re 87 days away and I just want to do the damn thing. Just give the man a tie and give me a cute dress and I’m good to go.

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