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First Dance Breakdance

May 16, 2010

I thought I was just oh-so-original tonight thinking up “Let’s breakdance to the Beastie Boys at our wedding for our first dance.” I have always thought a slow dance in a circle of people with all eyes on you is just the most awkward thing ever. I even feel uncomfortable when I’m in the audience of a stare-down…and I’m doing the staring-down. Perhaps I should just be so overcome with love and infatuation for Isaiah that it doesn’t matter, but I am an awkward human being…so it kind of does.

Anyways, did a YouTube search for Wedding Breakdance and came up with this little gem:

I’m thinking more like…let’s quickly change into red jumpsuits with fly terry-cloth headbands and try this:

Hey, if I want to embarrass myself with all the eyes of my friends and family on me, then…maybe I shouldn’t. But anyways.

It was the only video Isaiah warmed up to…so I’m not sure there’s any breakdancing in our future, but with a semi-pro dancing little sister (really, this girl is nuts), we think we just might get the no-room-for-self-consciousness training we need from little Weesh.

Anyways, I’ll leave you with that to chew on. Breakdance or no breakdance?

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  1. May 17, 2010 12:57 pm

    If I had mondo bucks, I would totally hire backup dancers. They would help cover up my lack of coordination!
    I say do it if: you think it’ll be fun, you’ll feel better doing that than spinning slowly in a circle, and you feel confident to do it! Other option is that you don’t even have to do a first dance at all!
    Good luck!

  2. May 17, 2010 1:50 pm

    Thanks Jen! I’m thinking learning how to do it would be a great, fun way to get in better shape for the wedding too…you know? Feel our best and what not!

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