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From Him Mondays: That’s The Power of Love

May 4, 2010

Work, play, my elderly interaction with the youth of today, and perhaps the birthday I just had which puts me at the toughened, not-so-impressionable age of 28, has most definitely got me feelin’ my age.  Feelin’ it beyond the getting tired at 10pm and alarmless internal clock of 7am. Though my movie taste is forever growing and refining those dusty old gems are and always will be my comfort food of choice.  Lizzie is a movie fiend of a slightly different era with her own set of classics but there are a few flicks that rose to infamy before her time.  Lizzie would have you believe she’s seen them all, and told me as much until she breaks and shyly confesses cinematic blasphemies, of which once included: Ghostbusters, and till just last night the Back to the Future trilogy.  Sharing these things with her is has been a ton of fun.  She usually has to find the flicks on her own, like the other night when she’d decided to delve into the B2F trilogy.  Unfortunatley I was sleeping through most of it, but when i woke, she was talkin’ it up.

Sharing these dust-bunnies of mine with her puts the sheen back on ’em.

Now back to Braveheart… it never gets old.

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  1. May 4, 2010 8:08 am

    B2F. Why didn’t I ever think to acronym the greatest trilogy of all time? I RECENTLY started liking the third installation, but only after Josh convinced me it only made sense for them to hit the Wild West. Duh… Plus, Mad Dog Tannen is kind of a cutie. Kind of.

    Then we started talking about a little rumor I heard- a remake of B2F featuring Zac Effron. Then we played a little game choosing who would be the best Doc Brown. He says Christopher Walken, but I think he’s too cool. Then we debated on whether or not the rumored film would be a remake or a prequel. Maybe a prequel would explain how Marty and Doc met. How did they meet? The kid just shows up at his house/garage (which by the way is next to the BK lounge! Awesome!) and just makes himself at home… weird.

    Wow… I got WAY too into that.

    Anyways, another great movie debate- Jurassic Park: If it were real would it fail miserably or would it be the highest grossing amusement park in the world? (Another goodie to dust off.)

    • May 5, 2010 10:43 pm

      Hellz yes. You are awesome, Angie. I thought of someone for Doc the other day and I can’t think of it. He would have to bridge the generations together though..I’m thinking of Jeff Tambor from Arrested Development, also Robert Downey, Jr. is a good enough actor to pull off being old and he’s all eccentric. Hugh Laurie is my top pick, eh? From House…. and a million other movies he’s almost unrecognizable in because of that HELLA thick British accent…namely, 101 Dalmatians.

      I would love it if Calvin Klein and Clint Eastwood made appearances in the fourth…ironically.

      Great Scott!

      • May 7, 2010 1:01 pm

        You have to email me as soon as you remember the actor. (onecatperpersonatgmaildotcom) I think Hugh Laurie might be perfect, but Robert Downey is my all-time fave. Man, did he make a comeback or what?

        What about Nicholas Cage? Now that would be a hot mess. Bless NC, though, I do love him.

        And if Calvin Klein and Clint Eastwood made cameos I would just die!

  2. May 4, 2010 6:53 pm

    HAH…up until last year i had never seen the BTTF trilogies OR Ghostbusters either! 🙂

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