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May 3, 2010

Ahh, Opera.

We have had an interesting time finding venues we adore in Chicago.  It seems that all the best venues are showcased everywhere, but once you’ve already looked into those, where do you look?  Since I’m not planning locally, I can’t just run into a venue.

I have to find a place not only with a website, but an appealing one with photos that make me shriek just a little bit. If a great venue hasn’t come into their own in the world of Web 2.0, I can’t find out about it.

We got lucky finding Marche from KDK Restaurants. Only, not that lucky. Their banquet hall is not available in 2011 at all. They have another restaurant, Opera, that is available for a close-down. It has the same chairs, apparently, as Carnivale, which we LOVE.

We love the vibe of this venue and it’s officially on the Top 5. A complete close-down of a restaurant, for some reason, would make us feel very rock-star-y….


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