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From Him Mondays #2

April 27, 2010

This is the dude again, no, not “THE DUDE” (I’m over White Russians).  Both fortunately and unfortunately I’m just the happy fella getting hitched.  Trying to blend our sometimes diverging sense of taste and style has offered its own challenges.  My love for my beautiful, whimsical, indie rock queen is unwavering but I tend to lean in this weird space of swank meets rock, subtle, yet methodically flashy… I’ve been cultivating this thing for years lol…

I don’t take it quite as seriously as that came off but I definitely want it all to have the indelible mark of me. Talkin it all out has really helped us define how this thing  needs to be to satisfy the best in both of our tastes… It doesn’t hurt that neither of us had some iron clad sense of what this would be, plus more of what we want is the same than different.  She keeps bringing up the idea of a khaki suit with a rockin’ pair of cons, but I think I’m really gonna like something a little more like this. However, I’m  not closed to any idea at this point.

All I know is that all this hoopla is to do something simple.  I’ve already committed to my wonderful gal, now to do it in style in front of God and everyone else.  She makes my day and she knows it.

So today I pull out something I wrote back when I was working all day and night literally to be with her.

lover is her word

as the angel went in to kiss her, she laughed
and kissed the angle instead
spirits as such roam with blessings unlike us
weaving into the tapestry with colors unseen prior
whispering into microphones to crowds that sway to a breath
a malignant subtlety singing in their hearts
caverns of compassion, of truth, of mischief
she whispers to me in these ways
and I swoon to her love,
adorned in it,
her adorned in mine.
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  1. April 27, 2010 7:21 am

    You two are the cutest. Feeling the khaki suit, but the satin trim on the lapel of the other jacket is pretty rad. Looks like you two have some choices to make! I’m glad to hear other couples enjoying the planning as much as we are.

    You all will definitely have a smashing party.

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