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April 21, 2010

My landlord left a note saying, “There will be no electricity for the majority of Tuesday” on my door last week. Despite the words, “no electricity..” “majority of Tuesday…”, I didn’t think twice about the message. So when my alarm buzzed this morning, I awoke with an overwhelming vertigo because of the blank microwave, apparently the only way I know if it’s morning or evening in my windowless bedroom.

After a freezing shower, I dressed for the day.

Once I realized, no Law & Order get-ready ritual, I started thinking of things to do since there was no television. I walked to the kitchen to make myself some toast for breakfast, and after an embarrassingly long time spent trying to get the toaster to work, I realized, “Oh! Electricity!”

I decided to calm myself by wedding planning on the web, the internet was sure to work, but my 2+ year old laptop’s battery had been chugging away since the electricity cut and had just enough left to warn me of it’s three-minute-life.

I got up and walked to the iMac across the room, sat down, and wiggled the mouse for longer than I’m proud of, frustrated the desktop wouldn’t turn on.

With no light to read by, no power for stereo, tv, toast or internet, I was just glad no one had seen me waddle around my apartment for over an hour trying to console myself with brilliantly electric ways to soothe my lack of electricity.

I cleaned. I organized. I straightened. I stared at the rug that had been moved too many times. My beautiful and rambunctious cats have torn the edges. I began to loathe the rug. I contemplated cutting it into pieces. I left for Target, for my wellbeing, of course.

After two hours wandering the well-lit aisles, I settled on a rug, curtains, curtain-rod, pillows, kitchen rug, paper-towel holder, throw, decorative Christmas-type lights and towels. After dragging all my finds back to the apartment, I was almost relieved when the power wasn’t back on. I had redecorating to do.

I changed out the rugs, and thankfully did not make the trek to the dumpster. I added the pillows, the throw, rearranged the kitchen. I attempted to mount the curtain rod. Instead, I left a set of 5+ gigantically round holes in the wall, that Isaiah has so graciously offered to spackle. I couldn’t seem to get away from that stud (pun intended). When he got off work, he walked in to see an almost-in-tears fiance holding an overworked anchor I had crushed trying to nail it in the wall.

Needless to say, once everything was set up, we didn’t like one bit of it. The new canister for the kitchen utensils and the Christmas-lighties were nice. We returned to Target, our failed experiment obvious from a jumbled bag overflowing of curtains and pillows, Isaiah carrying the ill-wrapped rug back toward Guest Services.

Replaced: Curtains, kitchen rug. Returned: Almost everything else.

The little touches have certainly made the apartment somewhere I can stay for another year. Added a sense of home and warmth that were missing before. We cleaned up the mess of the night with some Pear Woodchuck, Sam Adams Summer Ale, and PB&J’s candlelit and laughing…like I can’t remember laughing recently.

More electricity-less nights are planned for us…where’s that circuit breaker?

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