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The Bennett-Curtis House

April 15, 2010

On our more traditional side, a summer wedding would be great at the Bennett-Curtis House.

It’s right at $10,000 but that includes:

  • Invitations
  • Bridal accessories
  • Ceremony
  • Wedding planner
  • Tables & Chairs
  • Linens
  • DJ
  • All floral
  • Wedding cake
  • Photographer
  • Groom’s Tux
  • Bridesmaid and groomsmen’s gift packages
  • Food: Appetizers, fruit, cheese, dinner, dessert.
  • Four hour open bar
  • Champagne toast

I’m all for an easy venue, and originally that’s what we were looking for.  Somewhere we can just pay, and they’ll handle everything else. But coming in right at $10,000, our cost to make even small changes to make the venue more like us will put us over budget.

We do get to take out certain pieces of the package to bring down the total, like $300 for invitations. Isaiah will design ours and we’ve estimated $50 for printing. I don’t like the photographer they have on staff, $1000 off right there to go find another.

Why can’t there be a full package at a place that’s kept up with the times, take a peek at their website, and you’ll see what I mean. Also, I sent the inquiry almost a week ago now and haven’t heard anything back. Not a good sign.

I do love the outdoor area though, it’s almost perfect. Maybe I’m being too picky on the budget, but who says you can’t have the best wedding ever on $10,000. Not me.

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